What do Dr Who, Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley and Porters @RoyalParadeChis have in common? They all feature in “A Guide to Google Maps Business View”

What do Dr Who, Harry Potter's Diagon Alley and Porters @RoyalParadeChis have in common? They all feature in "A Guide to Google Maps Business View"

A Guide to Google Maps Business View is a guest article on by fellow GMBV and BIPP photographer John M Lynch.  If you, a parent or friend have a business and are not using Google+ to help promote it, then I highly recommend Johns article is given a read. I also recommend Plus Your Business being bookmarked and checked on a regular basis.  Martin and his guest writers have some brilliant information to help businesses take things to the next level.

This week I had the pleasant surprise to see screen shots I’d taken and shared with Google turn up in their documentation for other photographers.  I like documentation that’s shared – it helps avoid “Beware of the Leopard” moments (HHGTTS reference, RIP fellow Dr Who fan Douglas Adams).  Here’s the Dr Who TARDIS tour in all it’s clean unspoilt glory. I wonder what the Desktop will look like when the Twelfth Doctor gets his adventures fully under-way. Will “The Round Things” return? Click the image to take the tour!

Also appearing in the article is a video demo of Pegman being use to enter Porters, one of The Royal Parade shops in Chislehurst. That was the icing and cherry on the months delicious documentation cake!

This week will wrap up with a shoot for a lovely local seafood restaurant my family celebrated a birthday at recently. In a nice way they’re linked to the post. They’re located in what once used to be a railway station waiting room. Many people don’t appreciate what’s behind their front door and guests describe first entering the restaurant as a “True Harry Potter moment” and the restaurant “like a TARDIS, it’s bigger on the inside!”.

Got a TARDIS like location of your own that you need to show to potential customers? I’m only a call or email away, see the Contact link in the site menu above.

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