URGENT ATTENTION REQUIRED! Google to delete many business listings


As reported by searchenginejournal and confirmed in their own forums by their staff, Google are about pull Google Local (AKA Business Places) listings for businesses that have not claimed their pages and kept them up to date.

As yet it’s not been possible to confirm if this includes all unclaimed or inactive pages or if they will allow Google Business Photos customers pages with a “See Inside” virtual tour and point of interest images to stay intact regardless of verification status. And what exactly is “inactive”?

With a target deletion date of February 24th only a matter of weeks away there is little time left for businesses to act. If you’ve taken a tour and not claimed your listing NOW is the time to do so. If you have claimed it then update the About information. I hope that the example screen shots from my own page are of help.

To claim your business page:

1) Go to
2) Search for your business by name and address
3) In the search results click the link to your business.
4) Click “more info” in the map popup. 5) Click the “Manage this page” box in the “Is this your business?” section.
6) Confirm ownership by PIN*
7) Update the opening times and About data.

* If the phone option is given use it as it’s instant. Postcard verification can take weeks and that’s cutting things fine, in some cases it may take too long.

Update the About page details:

Depending on when your page was created you may find yourself faced with something that looks different to the above image. If you have trouble finding what to do please get in touch.

Even if you have already claimed your page I highly recommend that you update the About page text on at least a bi-monthly basis, putting a simple line at the end as a minimum. For example “Updated 8th Feb 2014 by Mark”. Not only will Google know the page is being maintained and leave it alone but readers like you and I will also know it’s current. If you’re using your page to the full you’ll be adding content anyway, updating the date on the last line will only take a few more seconds.

Talking about the issue with one of Europe’s Google Local Top Contributors the most likely reasons behind this page cull became clear. Nobody likes old and out of date data. Businesses come and go, with the credit crunch most High Streets have changed a lot. If you’re searching for a local business the last thing you want is to try visiting them in person only to find the premises closed or changed. Our belief is that pages that are not seen as current will be excluded from some Search results. This is backed up by Search results for a firm in my area that had duplicate pages, the verified page had been marked as a duplicate of the unverified page.

If you’ve had a shoot from 1st View Panoramas and have forgotten the page your tour is connected to and can’t locate it via the search please call, email or get in touch via the contact form.

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