Over the past year my email habits have changed massively. I’m using my iPhone a lot more for business and responding to personal messages far faster and while on the move. I’ve got multiple email accounts allowing different lines of business to stay separate. I ensured that some accounts were kept for personal email, not used by systems that would send broadcast emails like product or forums updates. Apple’s VIP flag was set on email addresses for people so I’d get a notification on the lock screen.

The setup was close to perfect but was missing one small detail – a good signature on the footer. Luckily I met Chris Barrow of Aragorn Consulting Ltd who introduced me to Google Email for Business. It’s like GMail for personal email, but rather than be limited to a address it can integrate with your Internet domain so your domain becomes part of the address. Just as mine now does. I can use the admin panel to set up a footer, complete with HTML to include my logo. When sending an email via the GMail app all I need to type is the salutation and body of the email, Google adds my signature for me.

aragorn consultingBut GMail is only part of a much bigger picture. As the Aragorn site says, “So what is Google Apps? It is a collection of cloud based office applications such as email, calendar, contacts and documents. You would be better off thinking it as Gmail for Business or maybe Google Office.”

To find out more on how you could switch to Google Apps, save money and increase productivity follow this link to Aragorn Consulting Ltd.

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