Growing up with photography, now with elevated panoramas

I’ve been doing some test pano with a new kit from a fellow photographer/inventor Matt Kaye. On a still day the results with multiframe HDR images are truly brilliant. So I thought I’d start using the odd free gap in my schedule to visit and document some of the places I grew up in. This is the park I spent many an evening in after juniour school, playing until I got a “Dinner’s ready” call.

And if I wasn’t there my fathers darkroom was another favourite, watching black and white prints develop. The love of the magic of photography started at a very young age.

Forget the childrens nursery rhyme “Rain, rain go away” though, this work ideally requires both wind and rain to be gone! 4+ meters up the camera really reacts to even a light breeze, with 3+ exposures for each of the quadrants any movement creates a real challenge for the image stitching software. More testing is needed, but I think there are two options for such days; a) a much more heavy duty pano pole and super heavy tripod and/or b) some reasonable poundage but very fine fishing line, pegged out much further from the tripod base. If the line does show in the resulting images it could be cloned out relatively easily.

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