Going the extra mile for GBP

Thank you for your help, you’re my kind of people, it doesn’t matter if it’s your business or not, some things need to be done.”

Today I came into London to shoot two new Google Business Photos panoramas for a family run hotel; the initial outside shots, offset so that they can link to each other and the hotel at 157 across the road be treated as an annex of 156.

The hotel at 157 doesn’t have a reception which meant it could not have its own Google Places page and tour. Google are thankfully willing to accept this as a solution to what I expect is a rather unique case.

A hotel at the end of the street had put rubbish out too early and the foxes had got to it. What a mess! Time for a GBP Photographer to become street cleaner and help the hotel owner clear their neighbours rubbish.

I’m a Google Business Photographer who wants his clients properties and surroundings to look great and will go the extra mile. I’ve got a reputation with many as someone who doesn’t give up and works to find solutions.

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