Getting Ready

What do you need to do before a Street View | Trusted shoot?

Setting up a Google+ page is relatively straight forward and free. Your business will be more visible in search results, bringing eye-catching imagery to the otherwise text only search results. By way of example here’s what appears to the right of Friends of Mine’s search results now they’ve had a virtual tour shot by 1st View Panoramas.

No Google+ Local page for your business yet?

If you don’t yet have a Google+ Local page set up for your business it’s highly recommend that you do it now so that customers will have a higher chance of finding you and not your competition when searching. For a small fee 1st View Panoramas can help set up the page for anyone signing up for a tour but recommend the client do it themselves. We’d rather you gained the experience with the site so that future updates of business details are not a problem for you. We’re always here to help if needed. Check out for the steps required or the step by step guide at

Once created your page will need to be verified. Depending on the information you enter it will be done via postcard or an automated phone call.

If you already have a Google+ Local page, or have just verified your new one

Mark is available on 077 6997 3757 (or when in the office 020 8290 6302) or via email at  when you’re ready to arrange your businesses Street View | Trusted shoot. Photo Shoots cost from £195+VAT depending on the size of the premises. See the About|Prices page for further information on discounts available. Shoots are scheduled to take place at a time that’s convenient with you and your customers.

Before the day

Once the shoot is booked the only other thing you need to do in advance is make all staff aware that it’s due to happen and make them aware that there is no “Behind the camera”. As we turn 360 degrees staff cannot put down cleaning kits, vacuum cleaners, etc thinking that it’s behind the lens. As we turn we’ll pick it up.  With staff aware of the issue the shoot will go smoothly and be wrapped up quickly and efficiently with minimal impact to your business.

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